Plettenberg Bay Tourist Attractions

Plettenberg Bay Tourist Attractions

  • Knysna Elephant Park
    Plettenberg Bay Tourist Attractions
    Since 1994, the Knysna Elephant Park has dedicated itself to providing a home to elephants from all over South Africa and beyond. More than forty elephants have been rescued from culls, closures and re-locations, More Info
  • Harkerville Market
    Plettenberg Bay Tourist Attractions
    Harkerville Market is rural and rustic, but vibey and vital - not a flea market, not just a craft market, not only a farmers' market - but definitely all you could ever hope for in a typical South African Saturday market. More Info
  • Cheetah Walks
    Plettenberg Bay Tourist Attractions
    Come and join the Cheetahs on their daily exercise walk and feel the spirit of the indigenous Fynbos forest. More Info
  • Wild Cat Experience
    Plettenberg Bay Tourist Attractions
    Come walk with the cheetahs of Tenikwa through indigenous Tsitsikamma Forest and Cape Floral Fynbos on their daily exercise walk. More Info
  • Birds of Eden
    Plettenberg Bay Tourist Attractions
    Birds of Eden, is the Garden Route's very own world class free flight bird sanctuary. The unique two hectare dome (the World’s largest) spans a gorge of indigenous forest with over 200 different species and more than 3000 birds. More Info
  • Swim With Seals
    Plettenberg Bay Tourist Attractions
    Get up close and personal with Fur seals. Suitable for six years and older. All equipment (mask, snorkel, fins and wet suits provided). More Info
  • Monkeyland
    Plettenberg Bay Tourist Attractions
    Monkeyland presently houses 18 different primate species, 11 being free roaming in the main 12 hectare Monkeyland forest while another 7 are in large cages within in the main forest. More Info

Plettenberg Bay Map

Plettenberg Bay Information

An Unforgettable Day in Plettenberg Bay

You’ll never forget your first sight of this beautiful bay. With a backdrop of majestic mountains stretching from horizon to horizon, the town lies to one side under a sunny sky and among a collage of green forests and fynbos that are separated from the blue of the Indian Ocean by endless white and sandy beaches. Truly the stuff that picture postcards are made of.

Closer inspection reveals that this really is a tourists’ paradise because in Plettenberg Bay, where the weather is eternally set to springtime and where warm, lazy days stretch into long, pleasurable evenings, you’ll find rest and adventure in equal proportions.

The waters of the bay itself hold an uncommon richness of marine life and the result is a bay unparalleled for its biodiversity. Plettenberg Bay boasts vast schools of the delightfully playful common dolphin, pods of endangered Bottle-nosed dolphins and shy Humpback dolphins, as well as resident Orca and Bryde’s whales and the migratory Humpback and Southern Right whales. And it’s the only place in the world where scientists have seen and filmed the rare and enigmatic Tropical Beaked whale.

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